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PHOTO: Cover art of Taylor’s Swift’s album “1989.” Courtesy of Big Machine 2014 ©
Grade: C-


By Jacqueline Irigoyen, Staff Writer for The Current

Taylor Swift is back at it again with her songs about ex-boyfriends and her rants about people’s criticism in her new album “1989.” Swift’s record provides a mixture of ’80s pop and repetitive lyrics. Swift has always been known to keep track of ex-boyfriends, write about love, and fire back at the media and the world when told something negative, and this album keeps that tradition going.

In her first single of her new album, “Shake It Off,” Swift sings about not letting the negativity get to her and proving that she will not let anything get her down. This is probably a more contemporary pop music sound than the other songs on this album, and it is pretty catchy. Next we go to “Out Of The Woods,” written about ex-boyfriend and member of One Direction, Harry Styles.

Next on the repetitive lyrics scale, “Welcome to New York” takes the cake. Swift starts off with a very ’80s sound that includes a synthesizer and then continues on. She compares the craziness of New York to being in love. This is typical Taylor Swift, always talking about either being in love or out of love. As the song goes on, she probably says “Welcome to New York” about 12 or more times. So, just in case you don’t remember what this song is about, don’t worry – She will remind you.

Slowing it down a little, “You Are In Love” talks about how it feels to be in love and have the real thing. This song is cute and is something that most people can relate to at some point in their life. “Blank Space” definitely has the ’80s pop theme. It sounds like “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips. You can decide if that’s a good or bad thing. This song pretty much talks about how Swift writes down each and every relationship and that there is always a blank space for more. This goes into her routine of writing about past relationships, good and bad.

Overall, this album didn’t surprise me or make me want to listen to it on repeat. Most people like that she writes about her relationships and not listening to the critics, but this album didn’t even feel as personal as some of her past albums did such as “Red.” The reviewer felt like this album, as far as lyrics go, didn’t live up to its standards and to the overall hype that it got. It was nice to hear a different sound come through and to see her play around with something different musically, but when listening to Taylor Swift, it is not really about the instrumentals as much as it is about her lyrics. It’s almost like she over-did it with this album, but at the same time, Taylor Swift has never been one to not go above and beyond.

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