Mike A. Bryan, Staff Writer

       Gallery 210 often exhibits local artists and sculptors; currently, they are featuring two shows by St. Louisans. An exhibit focused on the furniture and wood sculptures of Peter Voss is on display, along with a newer show by visual artist and activist Basil Kincaid. The gallery is small, meaning each exhibit space can be viewed in a short amount of time. With the Peter Voss exhibit, this leaves the viewer wanting more; the most recent addition “Gates” does not have the same result.

       Basil Kincaid is best known for his “Reclamation” series that appeared at The Luminary on Cherokee Street, based on his time spent in Ghana and Africa. This series utilized “found materials” to produce both paintings and sculptures, and was featured in the Huffington Post. The newer exhibition, titled “Gates,” also uses found materials, namely old windows, in combination with patchwork quilts stitched from various fabrics and clothing. This show encompasses three tiny rooms, one with the main set of pieces, another with an invitingly interactive piece, and a third showing a looped video installation featuring the same quilts. The whole exhibit can be viewed, including the video, in less that fifteen minutes.

       The quilt and window pieces are unique but have no discernible theme or connecting idea. After watching the video, the viewer is only more confused, due to the stark black and white images of figures wearing the patchwork quilts in gritty train yards accompanied by ambient noise. The video plays on a loop, with no clear start or finish, and doesn’t clarify or expound upon the other pieces in the exhibit. The idea of “Gates” is not obvious from the pieces, leaving the viewer even more confused as to the purpose or inspiration for the exhibition.

       Gallery 210 is sponsored by the Missouri Arts Council and the University of Missouri-St. Louis and is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. It is located on the North Campus in the same building as the UMSL Police, across from the UMSL North MetroLink station. “Gates” by Basil Kincaid will be on view until May 15.