By Jennifer Boyer, Staff Writer for The Current –

“Pokemon Rumble World” is an action role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS. It was released on April 8 and is a free download through the Nintendo eShop. It was developed by Ambrella and published by The Pokemon Company. This game is the fourth in the “Pokemon Rumble” series.

The player starts by confirming which Nintendo-created avatar, known as a Mii, he or she wants to start the game. The story begins with the King of the Kingdom of Toys. The king asks the player to collect other Pokemon, in order to have more than a magician who brought 10 Pokemon with him. The player’s Mii runs off and it is up to the King’s Pikachu to save the Mii from the wild Pokemon. After saving the Mii and returning to the Kingdom, the King explains that catching more Pokemon opens up more worlds to explore. He gives the player’s Mii 10 Poke Diamonds, the currency of the game, to start the adventure.

The game play is simple but fun. The game runs on real-time combat. The player must make their way through a stage by defeating the hordes of Pokemon that the player come across. Any Pokemon that is defeated has a chance of being part of the team. The player can only have one Pokemon out at a time and if the active Pokemon is defeated, then it is considered a loss. However, the player can pay two Poke Diamonds to continue. At the end of the stage there is a boss fight. The player must win the fight to complete the stage.

After the stage is completed, all the Pokemon that were collected are viewed. Any new Pokemon will add a point to the player’s rank. The higher ranks will unlock special items and clothing that the player can purchase with Poke Diamonds. There are also challenge quests where the player can take on and earn Poke Diamonds. However, the player cannot collect any Pokemon on the challenges. There is a time limit on how quickly a player can enter each area and must wait to enter the area again. Some stages take a minute or two, while others go as long as five hours.

All 719 Pokemon are in this game. Most are obtainable by playing the game, but some can be obtained through passwords that are released by the Pokemon Company.

The visuals of the game are great most of the time. All of the Pokemon are turned into toy versions of themselves. While most of them look great, there are some Pokemon who just do not have a good toy version. Pokemon with a round shape in their design, such as a round body or head, can look blocky. Otherwise the design and color look great.

The music works well too. The tracks are simple and fit the moods well. When it is calm, the music reflects that. The combat music is very upbeat and playful. It makes the game feel like it is a simple and playful toy fight. The boss music is not even that intense, but it still feels like a boss battle.

“Pokemon Rumble World” is a simple and easy game to play. It should be played for small amounts of times since there are wait times for area revisits. Pokemon fans will enjoy this game and any fan of the “Rumble” series will like it even more.

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