By Austin C. Hayes, Staff Writer

On September 23, the Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center hosted Pangea, a contemporary world music collective. That evening, the group played in the E. Desmond and Mary Ann Lee Theater. Their music is a combination of various styles and their compositions tell stories from around the world.

Formed in 2010, the band consists of multi-instrumentalist Hong Wang, keyboardist/film producer Albert Chang, and vocalist Robert Chilingirian.

The trio performed songs such as, “Day in the Life of a Fool” and “Mongol Matador,” both written by Chilingirian and arranged by Chang. “Mongol Matador” was nominated for Hollywood Music in Media Best Song of the Year Award. Throughout the show, Wang played multiple instruments, such as a shine and drum hole viola – traditional Chinese instruments, along with the Saxophone.

The concert was brought to the University of Missouri-St. Louis by the International Arts Tour through the International Studies Office, with assistance of the St. Louis Chinese Association. The concert was assisted with the help of choreographer Weiwei Fu and Wei Dance, a local St. Louis dance organization, founded by Ms. Fu.

The group’s first album, “Timeless,” was released in March 2016, six years after the band’s formation. Nine songs were produced through their non-profit initiative. The release was also nominated by Hollywood Music in Media Awards for “Best World Album.”

In 2015, Pangea was entrusted, in thanks to the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, as an Official Envoy of Cultural Exchange between China and the United States. During operations, Albert Chang served as Creative Director, while Hong Wang acted as Executive Director.

“It’s an honor to chance to play,” Wang stated that night, along with thanking promotions.

Wang was a recipient for the Emmy Award for the 2014 soundtrack of the animated series, “The Legend of Korra.” Chilingirian was the winner of the 2008 Best Latin Artist of Hollywood Music Media Award. Chang, meanwhile, was the nominee for the 2010 Shanghai International Film Festival Best Asian Talent.

“Wang has been my friend, going of fifteen years,” band member Chang said.

“Started in 2010, the group members represent the Pangea Supercontinent, as a melting pot,” MC Yu announced.

That night, Yu was also gave a signed Pangea program autographed by Chilingirian, Chang, and Wang to eight crowd individuals who could remember key facts of the Pangea performers.

The International Performing Arts Series Supporters will return November 11 at 8 p.m. with Irish Singers Karan Casey & Maura O’Connell for “A Celebration of Song and Life.”

Further International Arts Tour Event can be found at International Studies Office Bob Ell, Coordinator of Program Administration.

Pangea performs in the United States, Europe, and China.

World group Pangea perform at Touhill.
Photo courtesy of Austin C. Hayes.