– Game review: Outlast
PHOTO: Screenshot from the horror game “Outlast.” Image courtesy of Red Barrels.

By Danyel Poindexter, Staff Writer for The Current

“Outlast,” an action, adventure and a completely horrifying game, was released September 4, 2013 by developer Red Barrels. This game immediately caught the attention of many gamers, especially ones that were so into horror games.

In “Outlast,” the player is a character by the name Miles Upshur. Upshur is an investigative journalist who does not mind risking his life and going beyond and above, just to get his story. After receiving an anonymous tip about an abandoned home for the mentally ill called Mount Massive Asylum, Upshur goes to investigate and check it out. The asylum is said to recently be re-opened by the “research and charity” branch of the transnational Murkoff Corporation on the remote mountains of Colorado.

The only thing strange about this whole idea, besides the fact that it is an insane asylum on a remote island, is that a terrible secret lies inside and the player is the one that has to find it out.

Not only is this a single player game but it is also first-person so the player themselves can experience the terror as if they were really there. The game is available for both PC and Playstation and contains strong language, violence, gore, and sexual content.

Because of “Outlast’s” great AAA-quality graphics, if you are someone who is going to be playing this on a PC, you need to have at least 8 GB of room to install it in.

“Outlast” is a true survival horror experience with a lot of real life features that will connect with the player. This includes a camera that Upshur contains in the game that the player will have to use for night vision in the darkest areas of the asylum (and those are everywhere).

Players have to remember that the character, Upshur, they are playing is no fighter, he is a journalist. Therefore, if you see something completely terrifying, it would be your best choice to run and hide. “Outlast” is also a stealth based game which mean there are plenty of hiding areas just like any real life experience.

The game contains a dark setting with echoing sounds, dead bodies and blood running over every piece of grass, tile, or dirt patch the character steps on. Disfigured patients and monsters lie around every single corner. There is not one room that is completely safe from these unpredictable enemies.

Because “Outlast’s” settings are actually inspired by real asylums and cases of criminal insanity, the game stays detailed and realistic. Batteries for your camera, papers of clues and documents, along with keys and food can be picked up around the game as the player proceeds. There are also mini-events that occur throughout the game that links with the ending. The player could be running from one enemy or a whole army of disfigured, killer crazy patients.

All in all, grab the game “Outlast,” sit in a dark area or just stay up at night, start playing, and find out if your heart can survive the gut wrenching terror you must go through just to find out the secret.

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