– Album Review –
PHOTO: Nick Jonas self-titled album cover art. Courtesy of Island and Safehouse.


By Jacqueline Irigoyen, Staff Writer for The Current

Even though the Jonas Brothers have separated, Nick Jonas has continued making music as a solo artist and just released his second album, which is titled “Nick Jonas.”

The Jonas Brothers band, which broke up in 2013, was made up of three brothers, Kevin, Joe and Nick. They were part of the Disney scene like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato in that they had their own show and had a few movies. Since the band broke up, Nick Jonas stayed out of the spotlight until recently when he released his single “Jealous” and showed a mature and different side to the world.

The Jonas Brothers music was mainly about heartbreak and getting together with a girl. They were very religious in their ways as well. They were just another boy band that eventually split up and went their separate ways. Jonas released a solo album in 2010 titled “Who I Am” that was mostly just a trial run to see how he would do on his own. With the success of that album, it was only right to continue doing what he loved and to take it a step further.

Jonas’s new self-titled album is mysterious, sensual and provocative. Some of the bigger songs off his album are “Jealous”, “Avalanche”, “I Want You” and “Closer.”

“Jealous” is about how men keep coming on to his girl and he knows it’s not her fault but he can’t help but be jealous. His voice is raw and passionate. It has a good beat that makes it easy to sing along with. The song “Avalanche” features longtime friend Demi Lovato. This is a love ballad about a relationship between two people who want to be together, but they are not good together and something has happened that has caused them to fall apart. “I Want You” is one of the few explicit songs on his album. This is a very dark shot where Jonas talks about how much he wants this girl and if he can’t have her he won’t let anybody have her. “Closer” is definitely one of those songs where you can’t believe is coming from Jonas. It is very sexual, but also very romantic. This would make sense considering he has taken off his purity ring that him and his brothers had, opening up in interviews about that kind of intimacy.

Overall, this album shows the world that while Jonas may be back, he is not the same kid that he was back when he was playing with his brothers. He has grown up and is living his own life now and that is very apparent. Jonas is making a name for himself in the music business and the different collaborations that he has on this record, which include Lovato, Mike Posner, and Angel Haze has shown that he has progressed with his music as well. Jonas, like many other Disney stars, wanted to break away from that part of his career and show the world that he has grown up. While many stars didn’t do well with that transition, Jonas did it and he did it right.

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