Joseph Methner, Guest Writer

For all the book lovers out there, the newly renovated Mid-County Library has officially opened in Clayton. The new library is 2,500 square feet larger than its predecessor and has many new features. These features include private study rooms, an updated meeting room, a redesigned parking garage, an updated children’s area, and new seating areas. The library was opened earlier this month.  

The study areas are an area of emphasis for many young people who need a place to go and study outside of their homes. Jack, a high schooler from the area, said he can’t study at his own home. He said the library provides him with a “good, quiet place to study.” He recommended the library for any students in the area.  

“I like the architecture a lot and I think the natural light here is great,” Jack said. “I love studying in this library a lot because of it.”  

He mentioned that the previous library and many other libraries in the area do not have the same features as this one. He finds it best to study at the Mid-County Library because it provides a “comfortable atmosphere.”  

Caleb, a middle schooler from the area, expressed this same sentiment. Like Jack, he too wanted a place to study outside of his home. A library is the obvious choice. He studied at the previous library, but the new renovations provide him with an even better experience.  

“This library is a lot roomier and more modern than the previous one and it’s a great place to study and do my homework,” he said.  

However, not everybody in Clayton is a fan of the new renovations. Vichara, a local resident, expressed some displeasure with the feel of the new library.  

“The new resources the library provides are obviously very good, but the place feels very cold and sterile,” she said. She expressed that the old library felt “friendlier” and that this new one feels a lot more commercialized.  

Sazzen, a fellow local resident, agreed with many of the things that Vichara had to say. She added, “I wish they would have incorporated the old home feeling with the new dynamics instead of completely doing away with the previous library.”  

Both women did express that even though the library may not be the way they wish in terms of overall feel, it is still a very good resource for the community.  

The library is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and closes earlier on Fridays and Saturdays at 5 p.m. On Sundays the library is only open from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The library also offers plenty of events that are unique for people of all ages from the area.  

There are a lot of new resources to check out for yourself at the Mid-County Library. If you are a resident of the area or just there for a short stay, it may be a good idea to drop by and explore everything it has to offer. Bookworm or not, a library can be a great resource for everybody.