The title of this album could have music fans either laughing, shaking heads or possible angry, but the music definitely will not fully upset on matters of taste.

Living with Lions’ newest album since 2008, released in May, is named “Holy Shit.”

Their second full-length album, which features their new lead on vocals and new bass player, has caused the Canadian band to take criticism from American and Canadian media for the physical content inside and its cover, which is like a Bible’s cover. Considering they are a punk rock band, they match their genre, but also separate themselves from other bands by having the style of early 2000s music and getting near the edge of pop rock. Those willingly to try a new genre for their ears, those who enjoy the genre or even those just wanting to listen to the lyrics can definitely find something they are able to like.

Although there is not much change to their music from their first album other than the vocals, “Holy Shit” remains an invigorating album for this band even with the controversy. It is possible that this punk music could get you singing along with the lyrics. The lyrics can definitely pull one in or can one push away, depending on taste.

“Holy Shit” does not exactly match its songs to its title. Many of the songs are very catchy after a bit but, at same time, a few songs can make the listener lose interest. With some of the songs, listeners may possibly nod along while other songs do not keep the enthusiasm. This does not make the album bad, for it can definitely change your moods, depending on the song.

Not many songs are very memorable but the first track, “Pieces,” starts the album well. “Wake Up, Wake Up” and “Honestly, Honestly” will both have heads bobbing. Other tracks can keep up with the pace to a certain extent before the album loses its momentum for a bit. The differences between this album and their first are not many, other than their use of lyrics, the new vocals and different style of bass.

“Holy Shit” does give some hype off, as well as gives images of a crowd of people nodding their heads and/or jumping up and down, like in a typical rock music video.

With the title and the album’s content, “Holy Shit” is definitely an album to listen to if music fans really want a start into the genre. Although the band is not well known, Living with Lions definitely brought back early 2000s rock. Although they bring out the feeling of a cliché pop rock band at certain times, the punk rock is definitely there in the beat and in the music, as the lyrics continue to pulls one in as one listens.

 Grade: B+

By: Mavis Hollis, Staff Writer