Kaitlyn Waller, Staff Writer

Lovelytheband, a new and quickly accelerating alternative band, performed its first show in St. Louis on June 27 at the Pageant on Delmar Boulevard. That morning, they performed one song for Great Day St. Louis to promote that night’s show.

The concert began at 8 p.m with the passionate opening act Irontom, a new rock band from Las Angeles, California, before they relinquished the stage to lovelytheband, an indie pop band from the same area. Lovelytheband is comprised of Mitchy Collins, lead singer and bassist, who is a former member of the band Oh Honey; Jordan Greenwald, guitarist; and Sam Price, drummer.

Lovelytheband formed in 2016 and had their debut in the summer of 2017 with their smash-hit “broken” before releasing their EP “everything i could never say. . .” in Sept., 2017. “Broken” took the number 1 spot on Billboard’s Alternative Chart on April 21, 2018. This song became  the band’s first charted song. “Broken” has since racked up millions of streams on Spotify and is in frequent rotation on local radio playlists.

The indie band arrived on stage sometime before 9 p.m to gather cheers from fans in the audience who had the privilege to witness the band’s first performance in the city. A simple stage set-up, with all three band members aligned to the stage and bright violet lights complimented the band’s signature synth sounds and retro style of overalls, funky-patterned shirts, and long hair. Sam Price passionately played the drums while Mitchy Collins and Jordan Greenwald played guitar and interacted with the crowd.

Collins spoke candidly of his battle with depression and anxiety in-between songs, telling the audience that sometimes “it’s okay to not be okay.” Collins also humbly spoke of his appreciation for their success and spoke of his nervousness playing after the heavy unique rifts of Irontom. The band also discussed their several days’ stay in St. Louis, remarking upon their enjoyment of the locals’ favorite restaurants.

Lovelytheband’s musical style is unique, distinctive and breaches a deserved space for the upcoming trio in the alternative scene. The band’s sound is reminiscent of preceding unique synth-focused groups such as Foster the People and M83. Their songs follow traditional structures, but are well-composed. “Broken” is mellow, but upbeat with a catchy synth line and thoughtful lyrics detailing struggles with relationships, depression and loneliness in a generally positive and genuine manner.

Collins’s voice is soft but powerful, a compliment to the song’s story of forging a needed connection with a similarly lonely woman at a party. The remaining songs on “everything i could never say. . .” continue the band’s retro addictive synth lines, clever lyrics and distinctive indie vocal style, establishing a sound immediately identifiable as lovelytheband. Their EP is overall an original and cohesive album.

Lovelytheband performed several songs from their EP “everything i could never say. . .” including the popular hit “broken” and other catchy fan favorites, such as the emotional love song “coachella,” the biting song “strangers,” and “make you feel pretty,” an ironically upbeat song about a toxic relationship. The trio also performed several songs from their upcoming album “finding it hard to smile,” including “alone time” and “walk from here.” “Alone time” was officially released on June 29. The trio’s new album “finding it hard to smile” is expected to debut on Aug 3.

The concert’s headliner, Awolnation, took the stage at 9 pm, performing famous hits such as “Sail” and “Run” along with many songs from their new album “Here Come the Runts,” complimenting the sounds of the preceding two bands.

June 27 was lovelytheband’s last performance with Irontom and Awolnation before the band continues touring with other acts. The band recently announced newly added concert dates to their tour to promote their complete debut album. Their next closest stop is in Kansas City, Missouri on July 27.