By Mike A. Bryan, Staff Writer

Action Bronson is practically a living caricature – heavyset with XL clothing, big reddish beard, covered in tattoos, and perpetually stoned with a big New Yorker voice and even bigger personality. His love of food is no joke; actually, he was once a well-known chef in New York City. At the moment, you may have seen him on numerous shows on Viceland, heard his new album/mixtape, “Blue Chips 7000,” or caught one of his many tours around the world. All of his projects have their merits, especially if you like his brashly funny and knowledgeable, thoughtful banter.

His main project on Viceland is called “F*ck That’s Delicious!” and is a hilarious mix of Action and his pals, Big Body Bes and Meyhem Lauren, travelling, eating, drinking, and smoking tons of weed. They are all extremely likeable characters, and the show allows them to express their personalities. At some point, Action met Mario Batali and became friends, so he has guested on Mario’s cooking show (also on Viceland) and vice-versa. “F*ck That’s Delicious!” is quirky, funny, unique, and definitely worth watching. The episode of Batali’s show where Action guests is not to be missed, with humorous moments that both young and old will enjoy. His other popular show on Viceland is “Traveling the Stars: Action Bronson and Friends Watch Ancient Aliens,” and consists of Action and some buddies getting high and talking about the History Channel show “Ancient Aliens.” It is just as funny as you can imagine. His newest project is a Snapchat-only show called “Hungry Hearts,” where Action appears to play the role of not only matchmaker, but also offers hilarious commentary on the dates. This Snapchat deal could propel him to the next level of stardom, so let’s just hope he will continue making music.

His new album, “Blue Chips 7000,” follows in its predecessors’ footsteps in terms of lyrical and musical production and style. On the new LP, Action employs a host of producers, including The Alchemist, who is a regular guest on his Viceland food show. Each of the previous Blue Chips mixtapes stand on their own and this latest release is no different. His last full album, “Mr. Wonderful” is similar in lyrical style and musical production as well.

Action has a formula that he sticks to, and it works. That being said, he does sound like a white Ghostface Killah, and has been open in his admiration of the Wu-Tang rapper. Action claims his biggest influence is Kool G Rap, but many different East coast rappers can be heard in his flow, including Prodigy (RIP) of Mobb Deep. “Blue Chips 7000” is good, and worth checking out if you’re down with sample-heavy production and Action’s random pop culture, food, and sports allusions.

Whether you like him or not, this character is here to stay. His cable TV show has become so popular that they are now showing old episodes on a different night from the regular show. His music has a pretty large underground following, which will only grow with his exposure through Viceland, and now Snapchat. As a rapper, he may not be your style; however, his shows are certainly worth checking out. Do not sleep on this one.