Kristen Dragotto, A&E Editor

The frigid temperatures Jan. 28 could not stop fans from seeing Jesse McCartney’s 2019 “The Resolution Tour” at the Pageant in St. Louis. The fans packed into the venue like sardines to see the icon’s performance.

One of the most impressive aspects of the performance overall was the opening act performed by Whitney Woerz. What made this up-and-coming artist’s act most memorable was her dedication for being an advocate for mental illness. During her set she presented to the audience the jars that were along the stage that were a representation of the 50,000 people who committed suicide in 2018.

After her performance Woerz gave a statement in which she said, “I write music to help end the stigma around mental health.”

McCartney’s appearance was at 9 p.m. and the crowd became wild the moment he stepped on stage. He brought back the nostalgia with his performance of “How Do You Sleep” and “Leavin’,” the songs that took the radio by storm in the mid-2000s. It was the throwbacks that allowed fans to sing along in remembrance of their younger years.

What was most surprising about McCartney’s performance is that it did not focus solely on the throwbacks fans might have expected to hear. McCartney made sure to incorporate some of his new musical pieces into the evening, including his newest singles, “Wasted” and “Better with You.”

It was his newest single “Wasted” that showed he has made his way into manhood and has proven his capability to shift his music in terms of mature content to be relatable to his now older fanbase.

McCartney also made sure to include two new songs that have yet to be released titled, “Soul” and “Selfless.” While he has made no announcement of a title for the up and coming album or when fans can expect it to be released, the chilling performance he gave of his latest pieces guarantees it to be a hit.

What was most notable about McCartney’s performance was his level of engagement with the audience. Despite him being so energetic on stage with his dancing and singing, not only did he interact with audience as a whole, but with individuals on stage, going so far as to pull up a woman on stage to sing to her his hit single, “Told You So,” from his 2008 album “Departure.”

McCartney finished his performance strong with an encore of his rendition of “Bleeding Love” and the fan favorite, “Beautiful Soul.”

Though McCartney’s newest music has yet to gain the popularity it once had in the mid-2000s his performance did not disappoint. He proved that he is more than ready to give fans a comeback into music that will take their breath away and leave them wanting more. “The Resolution Tour” includes 22 cities in total allowing McCartney to show the fans that grew up listening to him that he still has it. And for those who missed the performance on Jan. 28, do not fret because from the success of his comeback, this is not the last performance we will be seeing from Jesse McCartney.