Janaca Scherer, Managing Editor

Bringing back the emo days of many students’ high school years, Hawthorne Heights is back, in the original style that they are most known for.
Released on August 23, Hawthorne Height’s latest EP is titled “Hate.” The first record they have put out since they started their own label, Cardboard Empire, “Hate” is the first piece of a trilogy the band plans on creating.
Since the unexpected death of their guitarist and screamer, Casey Calvert, in 2007, the band has struggled with identifying who they were musically with their fans. After some time, the band has finally made their comeback, and it is bigger than ever.
While Calvert has not been replaced, the band has evolved and developed into the well-oiled machine that can be heard on “Hate.” Working towards progressing their current members instead of adding a member that attempts to replace one of the best screamers the emo scene may have ever seen, the band has come back better than ever.
Reverting back to their original sound, Hawthorne Heights has finally found a happy medium that new and old fans can both enjoy and appreciate. By adding the screaming of Micah Carli, guitarist, the band has finally found the perfect mix of elements from all their albums.
“Hate” is only available for digital download. ITunes is currently selling it for $8.91 and has received a fairly positive reception from fans. The album deals with a lot of hatred and anger, perhaps still dealing with emotional issues from Calvert’s death.
The first two songs are not the greatest, but “Divided” is definitely worth the wait. The perfect combination of musical elements from “The Silence in Black and White” days and the softer elements of “Fragile Future,” the song proves that Hawthorne Heights has matured into a band that deserves some recognition.
The most striking song on “Hate” is the title song. Mixing some musical styles that have never been heard from Hawthorne Heights (and other listeners have to hear a little Blink 182 in this), “Hate” is extremely emotional. Finding common ground with anyone who has ever hated anything, if you only want to download one song from this album, make it “Hate.”
The first single released from “Hate” was “Four White Walls” and with good reason. Sounding like it came off one of their first albums, “Four White Walls” is an amazing song. Instantly grabbing your ear buds and making you listen, this song will easily be put on repeat. Making listeners’ heads bob, “Four White Walls” is another song that has to be downloaded.
While Hawthorne Heights has experienced horrible things that most bands have not, they have definitely grown from it. Using the pain that they felt from the death of Calvert, they have grown together as a band and musically. The fact that Hawthorne Heights now own their own record label means that we can expect more fantastic things for the rest of the EP trilogy that they will be putting out.
“Hate” is a must-have album for any one who grew up listening to emo music. Old fans should buy this album, confident that they will be able to hear a side of Hawthorne Heights that has long been forgotten and is now better than ever.

Grade: B- – Janaca Scherer