By Chris Zuver, A&E Editor

Chuck Mosley, former front man of influential alternative rock band Faith No More, passed away  November 9, at the age of 57. In a statement released by his family, it stated: “After a long period of sobriety, Charles Henry Mosley III lost his life…due to the disease of addiction.”

Mosley started by grinding his way through the Los Angeles punk scene, playing keyboards in the Animated. Through this band, he eventually joined Faith No More in 1985, while the band was going through hectic lineup changes. Mosley, along with the band which would go on to pioneer rap-rock and nu metal, recorded two albums which included the singles “Introduce Yourself” and “We Care a Lot,” the latter which became the theme song to the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs can still be heard on rock stations to this day, recognizable by its iconic monotone opening baseline.

Mosley’s style of vocals was their own brand. Sometimes he would sing in a defiant voice with the bravado of a street punk, other times he would spit verses that danced the line somewhere between rapping and rambling.

Mosley’s years in the band were a tad unmanageable. In one incident, he fell asleep onstage during an album release party. He would eventually be kicked out and replaced by virtuoso front man Mike Patton in 1989. That year, they would release the platinum album, The Real Thing.

Mosley’s following years would be spent going from here to there. In 1990, he briefly filled in as the vocalist for hardcore band Bad Brains. He would also go on to form the funk-metal act Cement, though it was short-lived.

After this, he left Los Angeles for Cleveland in 1996. He focused his time on working at restaurants and being a father.

In 2009, he would make a return to music, releasing the album Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food. On the album, he would collaborate with and feature other musicians such as Jonathan Davis, Rob Zombie, and John 5.

After Faith No More’s reunion in 2009, Mosley would occasionally make guest appearances at their shows to sing their old material. As recently as 2016, with the reissue of their 1985 debut LP, We Care a Lot, he appeared with a reunited version of the band’s old lineup where they were billed as “Chuck Mosley and Friends” to play two shows in California.

Following the news of his passing last week, Faith No More also released a statement:

“It’s with a heavy, heavy heart we acknowledge the passing of our friend and bandmate…He was a reckless and caterwauling force of energy who delivered with conviction and helped set us on a track of uniqueness and originality that would not have developed the way it had had he not been a part.”