Kristen Dragotto, Staff Writer

Sept. 30 was a big day for all “Bob’s Burgers” fans across America when Fox released the premiere of the ninth season. The satirical series follows the Belcher Family who own a burger restaurant and the shenanigans in which they regularly find themselves. It is the dry sense of humor presented by the characters and the over-the-top problematic situations in each episode that keep its fans coming back for more.

The latest episode did not disappoint. It follows Tina Belcher on another one of her love-sick, boy-crazed adventures, while the rest of the family tries to tend to a baby rat that has been left in their care by their family friend Teddy. The episode is titled “Just One of the Boyz 4 Now,” hinting that Tina and Louise’ much-loved boy band will be making another appearance. This episode incorporates a much-expected reunion, musical components and unexpected conflicts; “Bob’s Burgersproves it still can keep its audience’s attention.

Author Kevin Yeoman says it best in his review “Bob’s Burgers Season 9 Premiere Review: A Musical Ode to Teenage Hormones,“In essence, it’s another episode of what makes the series such a pleasurable viewing experience: it’s basically a bunch of nice people navigating incredibly low stakes scenarios that nevertheless feel like the most important thing in the world at the time.”

In another article titled “Bob’s Burgers returns with a perfectly Tina-centric episode,” A.V. Club’s Brianna Wellen writes, “Despite the several dream sequences in this episode, the very real feelings that ground them remind viewers why the Belchers are a family to watch. No matter the scenario, the family is loveable. The way the family embraces each other’s flaws, like Tina’s obsession with boys, is a wonderful reminder in these troubled times that it’s okay to be ourselves.”

The show’s long-lasting run proves “Bob’s Burgers” stays relevant. It is the show’s relatability that makes it so easy to enjoy. The comedic aspects in “Bob’s Burgers” have an effortless quality to them, making the humor the audience feels natural and genuine; these aspects allow the show to keep its popularity.

Show creator and writer Loren Bouchard has done a great job of continuing to captivate its audience. With the show receiving the Primetime Emmy Award for
Outstanding Animation Program at the Creative Art Emmys, it holds its staying power. It is safe to say fans can expect to see a lot more from “Bob’s Burgers” than just the ninth season. If you have not seen the premiere of the new season I recommend you start streaming — for fans, this premiere was everything we hoped it would be.