Caroline Frank, Staff Writer

On Aug. 10, 2018, Netflix released Demetri Martin’s new comedy special, “The Overthinker,” shot at The Moore Theater in Seattle. The piece is 56 minutes long and contains a wide variety of comedic formats throughout. Martin used vocal narration by doing voice-overs for his own set, incorporated hand-drawn illustrations to go along with his bits, and added musical accompaniment by playing guitar. Martin also used a lot of one-liners.

“I find that my horoscope is a lot more accurate if I just live less specifically,” Martin said.

There is a section of the set where Martin listed off “fascinating facts,” which were all one-liners. “Wednesday is spelled wrong,” Martin said. He also stated that nearly one half of all Americans are torsos, and that sex is the leading cause of people. Martin’s style of humor in “The Overthinker” could be defined as dry wit — there is wordplay, observational, and deadpan humor.

“I tend to overthink things,” Martin said,” and then I thought, ‘Do I though?'”

Martin’s jokes revolved around a range of topics, including human behavior, everyday life, and the world at large. Martin explained humans from an animal’s perspective, the paradox of a donut hole, and the inaccuracy of the phrase “tossing and turning”.

Martin said, “I’ve never slept so poorly that I ended up lightly throwing things around the room.”

Martin also revealed the alternative term for the word “rapper,” the relationship between laughing and peeing, and the flaw in half sizes for shoes: “We could have just picked twice as many numbers.”

Demetri continued by defining cruise ships as sinkable hotels. He described the irony of drowning in a swimming pool on the deck of a cruise ship, “He drowned on the Pacific Ocean.” He went on to discuss the mismatch between his road rage and his physique, the resemblance between Santa and a fat hipster burglar, and how the anger he felt when he couldn’t find his tambourine was the perfect snapshot of his life.

“What series of choices did this man make to be this angry at the location of a tambourine?” Martin said.

According to, “The Overthinker” was rated by 1,342 people, averaging 7.4 stars out of 10. “The Overthinker” is Martin’s second Netflix special. In his first Netflix special, “Demetri Martin Live (At the Time)”, Martin explores similar themes as he does in “The Overthinker,” so he is consistent in his creative work.

Martin’s audience could define him as an artist, writer, musician, actor or director, but being a comedian is why he is primarily known. His most recognized work throughout his comedy career has been his contributions to “The Daily Show” and his show on Comedy Central, “Important Things with Demetri Martin.”

Andrew Husband with Forbes magazine interviewed Martin and wrote an article called, “A conversation with Demetri Martin about The Overthinker and thinking about comedy.”

“I get lost in the analysis of stuff,” Martin told Husband. “It’s just like spinning my wheels … It’s basically an exercise in overthinking.”

Husband wrote that “The Overthinker” represents the next stage in Martin’s comedy career.

“…And if The Overthinker is any indication, whatever Martin pulls out next from his ‘bag of ideas’ may prove as revolutionary as it is funny.”