By Quinn Lucas, Staff Writer

Is there any better way to kick off Black History Month than with the showing of a film that conveys true, influential events in black history?

At the University of Missouri-St. Louis’ most recent Friday Night Flick they let the community partake in the viewing of the film “Marshall,” a biographical film. The movie tells the story of Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court justice, and one of his earliest cases in which he helped a wrongly accused person of color to rightfully walk free. The movie was first released October 13, 2017.

“Marshall” was shown at 7 p.m., free to the public, and had a wide variety of free snacks. The event was not only successful in drawing a crowd, but also did a wonderful job bringing the community together to partake in a celebration of black history.

The event was hosted by University Program Board and The Associated Black Collegians. The movie was shown in the Student Government Association chambers of the Millennium Student Center on February 2.

No celebration would be complete without awesome snacks, and those who prepared this Friday Night Flick knew that. The food was nothing like the common popcorn and candy that are known as movie-viewing snacks. Rather, they had everything from toasted ravioli to cookies. Many attendees were very pleased with the selection of snacks and drinks. The event was definitely successful in this area.

“Marshall” was a big hit with this audience as well. Mia Jones, junior, criminology and criminal justice, said that she especially enjoyed seeing part of the process of a divided nation coming together, even in the 1940s.

Another student, Tyler Priest, freshman, psychology, said that he appreciated the fact that the film was based on true events. He also admired the fact that even though it was a historical film the actors did a good job of bringing it to life and making it entertaining to learn.

For many, this was not Friday Night Flick. The event was not only successful in bringing previous moviegoers back, but also extended a friendly invitation to those who were new and had never attended a Friday Night Flick before. The event did attract a new attendee who said she would be back at another Friday Night Flick in the future.     

This Friday Night Flick met every expectation and more. The wide variety of food made it so everyone could get something they liked and the atmosphere was very inviting. The movie was also enjoyed by everyone. “Marshall” was not only entertaining and a wonderful way to celebrate this month, but very educating on an important event in history.

Overall the event was a success, and made it easy to want to come back for more in the future.