By Jorge Jones, staff writer

Johannes Roberts’s horror/thriller film “47 Meters Down” is the is the most suspenseful shark movie in nearly a decade. You could say it’s “Thelma and Louise”-meets-“Jaws,” in a film that gives two sisters a few reasons to overlook their differences.

The movie dives into the lives of two sisters with opposing personalities. Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) are on a vacation in Mexico, brushing up on their Spanish with a couple local guys in the surrounding bars. It starts off like many shark movies before it. Every director seems to struggle to make an entertaining way to get the beautiful girls to the water, but this director does not shy away from the dramatic irony of the situation.  The eventful trip needs more excitement and the group decides to use their passports to board a cage in the middle of the ocean to swim with sharks. The conflict eventuates when the cage tumbles down forty-seven meters from safety. The sisters have an hour of oxygen to implement a plan that does not involve them becoming the shark’s dinner.

“47 Meters Down”, is a much-needed addition to shark films, a genre which has always been shallow in terms of quality. The film’s excellent use of cinematography helps produce original thrills that feel fresh and exciting. “47 Meters Down”, also remains loyal and true to many shark films at the same time. However, the film is not without its weak points. “47 Meters Down”, has many common flaws that are expected with a ninety-minute shark film, but they are the same flaws that many expect should be improved as the genre progresses. For example, the characters are extremely weak and resort to calling each other names whenever communicating as the only means of deciphering them apart. The backstory of the sisters does not hit home like the director intended. Thirty minutes of the movie are spent reciting it and leading the girls to the water, where our film truly begins. This is as predictable as it is unnecessary. An easy solution could have been replacing the film’s start with one that begins on a boat and with two lines of dialogue.

The film’s twist ending is hit-or-miss, with it being the most redeeming part of the film. Audience members who dislike it will find absolutely nothing good about the film. However, fans of the shark genre may have more favorable thoughts.

In conclusion, the film receives a-seven-out-of-ten-stars since it is far better than “Sharknado,” yet has a unique approach in the end. Avid shark fans will enjoy this movie. A terrific film to pick up from Redbox for a party situation but not as a holiday film for the family. “47 Meters Down” is a one-dimensional cinema piece with an ending worth arguing over.